Product design as a rational approach to process sustainability

The production of a good canister or a technical item made with a blow-moulding machine, requires the ability to analyze each development phase. Including that of design.


The design in packaging, as a tool for enhancing the product, is an extremely important factor, even when the plastic container becomes waste to be recycled in a sustainable way.
The design of a container, seen from a marketing perspective but supported by the contribution of the manufacturer of the systems with which it is made, represents a decisive added value for its sustainability.
Plastiblow is able to combine technical skills, related to the creation of a mold, with aesthetic and production needs.

Container design involves analyzing an entire system:
-    the shape and its manipulation,
-    the structure with which it is composed,
-    the surface finish,
-    the weight,
-    the mechanical characteristics required by its application.



At Plastiblow we believe it is important to dedicate part of our skills to the analysis and study of the shapes and characteristics of the containers to be produced, to offer customers support for their marketing.


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