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Electric blowing machine for the medical pharmaceutical sector (infusion bottles)

Other interesting applications for which Plastiblow electric blowing machines have been used concern the packaging for parenteral solutions and bottles with welded cannula..

In the first case the need was to have a particularly light container, with reduced but unbreakable thickness. The study led to the creation of collapsible bottles such as flexible bags, at particularly affordable costs.

For the production of these bottles, intended for the infusion of intravenous liquid substances, different plastic materials can be used. Mainly PP, LDPE, HDPE, meeting the requirements of the European and North American pharmacopoeia. The final choice of material is made according to the final cost, availability, sterilization temperature and compatibility of the fluid to be packaged.

Plastiblow blow molding machine model PB26ED 800 E100/28, with ten parison head for the production of 6000 p/h of 500 cc infusion bottles in random PP.

Plastiblow blow molding machine model PB26ED-380 in configuration 3 +3 cavities for the production of bottles in LPDE 100 and 250 ml with welded cannula, delivered crushed to reduce the volume during transport.

For more information: plastiblow@plastiblow.it