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40 and 20: This is the year of anniversaries

For Plastiblow 2021 is an important year. A year to celebrate, a story to tell, many results to underline.

1981, Plastiblow starts producing blow-moulding machines as an independent company under the control of Plastimac Group.
At K2001 Exhibition, Plastiblow shows its first fully electric blow-moulding machine: the road to low energy consumption, efficiency, greater precision, and reduction of noise, cycle time and maintenance interventions is opened.

Forty years of machines installed all over the world and for every application. Twenty years of continuous improvements that allowed us to build machines with the highest energy efficiency class (Class 10 EUROMAP 46.1). Today the technology applied to extruders and extrusion heads makes it possible to use more and more recycled plastic material for the central layers with very minimal external and internal layers of virgin plastic, without affecting the aesthetic appearance and safety of the content. An important step towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

In this anniversary year 2021, Plastiblow’s already partially achieved short-term goals are: the expansion of the facility with the reorganization of space which is already bearing the first fruits in terms of production efficiency and reduction of delivery times; the strengthening of the After-sales Service to meet the requirements of an increasingly extensive number of machines installed, thanks to the hiring of new technicians and joint ventures with foreign partners, and finally the strengthening of the commercial team, with the addition of young, competent and full of enthusiasm area managers.
Plastiblow would like to thank all those who contributed to the growth of the company and who enabled the achievement of these important goals: employees and their families, customers, suppliers, friends and all collaborators.


For more information: plastiblow@plastiblow.it