These new generation machines perfectly combine the advantages of kinematic motion, always a Plastiblow feature, with the new technology of electric axis controlled by brushless motors. The main advantages are:
-reduction of environmental impact: the complete absence of hydraulic oil avoids any risk of contamination of both products and the environment and allows use of the machine in clean rooms or controlled atmospheres,
• energy saving: energy consumption is strictly limited to the quantity required by the working cycle thus saving the energy necessary to maintain the oil pressure level constant,
• increase in productivity: thanks to shorter cycle times and a lower quantity of rejected bottles;
• repeatability of machine cycles and constant movements: unevenness due to the modifications of oil viscosity when working temperatures change are eliminated,
• easy and rapid maintenance: thanks to the elimination of several components of the hydraulic unit the maintenance operations are dramatically reduced.
The electric blow-moulding machines maintain all the innovative solutions introduced by Plastiblow, for the first time in the sector, more than 20 years ag horizontal movement of the mould-holder carriages, extruder lifting and the use of linear guides. This technology is more and more appreciated with respect to the oscillating or inclined movement of the carriages due to many reasons: quicker cycles, better quality of the necks, lower height of the machine, easier transport of the bottles. The use of linear guides with roller sliding shoes is gaining more and more market since:
• maintenance problems ofworking with columns are reduced;
• the machine achieves the maximum precision in movements and rigidity; -the speed is higher and therefore the cycle times are reduced;
• energy dissipation is reduced since friction in movement is due to rolling and not to dragging.
Further to offering the lowest energy consumption in the market, Plastiblow blow-moulding machines are very appreciated by users for the large number of regulations, the easy access to the moulds and simple and quick way of changing production. Also Plastiblow heads are highly valued since, thanks to their exclusive and patented design, customers are able to get a very good control and quality of the parison and may change colour very quickly. Several different patents cover Plastiblow technology: among which the servodriven parison thickness control. As a conclusion, the Plastiblow blow-moulding machines grant a production of high quality hollow bodies with very quick working cycles and very low energy consumption. Several ancillaries help the machine control the hollow bodies quality and automatize the material feeding and the outlet and collecting of the finished products.




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