Blow moulding machine with parison transfer for the production of technical articles, toys or containers up to 5 litres.  

Sturdy frame with easy access to mould area and all components. Machine built according to CE safety standards. Front gate with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic safety devices to prevent opening while machine  operating and hydraulic and pneumatic circuits  under pressure. Reduced speed of moving parts when gate is opened by authorized personnel. 

Mould-holding unit on fixed position. Toggle located on horizontal plate driven by hydraulic cylinder provides movement for mould clamping by parallel movement of mould- holding plates.
Clamping force: 100 kN.
Double-step clamping (bumping effect) for a better quality welding of the hollow body. Mould-cooling water flow controlled by electrovalve.
Mould size (heightxwidthxthickness: 650 x 340 x  (2 x 130-140) mm.
Mould opening: 300 mm.  

Nozzle-holder  assembled on vertical  guides and driven by  a hydraulic cylinder (nozzle is not included in the supply). Maximum nozzle force: 700 kg.  
Pneumatically driven  plier for parison movement from head to nozzle,  and for hollow body removal from mould. Plier stroke: 350 mm.  

The hydraulic unit located below the extruder includes the following: 100-litre oil tank with external heat-exchanger and pressure accumulator; 4 kW-three-phase motor pump; oil level gauge with thermometer; maximum oil-temperature emergency switch, cartridge filter on delivery with clog indicator and screen-filter on suction. Automatic oil-temperature control by water-flow adjustment in the exchanger. Atos hydraulic  components (Bosch on request). Operating pressure: 80 bar.  

Pneumatic circuit with filter, condensate separator and storage tank for actuators (parison cut, deflashing unit, pliers, etc.), blowing air, parison support air and scrap cooling air. Smc pneumatic components. 

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