In the industrial packaging sector you will frequently encounter blow moulding machines, usually huge and with high energy consumption, equipped with hydraulic tanks and big pumps and accumulators. The All-Electric technology in this field now brings a whole new light to the picture with the possibility to achieve a significant reduction in the energy consumption. Plastiblow entered the demanding field of industrial packaging back in 2001 with machines capable of manufacturing stackable containers with innovative electric servo driven movements and surprisingly high performances. The machine models proposed for the production of stackable 20-30 lt containers are equipped with a toggle designed clamping mechanism and with a 5Kw motor which generates a clamping force of 300kN (uniformly distributed on the mould holding platen). Thanks to the efficient movements, use of linear guide rails with roller bearings, and a module to recover the kinetic energy developed during the movements, the energy consumption is particularly low and we can state that it is 70% lower with respect to obsolete hydraulic operated blow moulders. The Plastiblow range of machines include single and double station machines for production of stackable containers up to 30 lt size. They can be equipped with single extruder or multiple extruders for co-extrusion applications, with standard design for HDPE or with grooved barrel design for high molecular weight PE (in granule or powder form). All the Plastiblow machines are suitable for a high level of ‘customization’, as is normally required in such a specialized field of high quality industrial containers. For example:

  • The machines can be equipped with one or more post cooling stations, which are necessary to achieve fast cycle times for UN approved stackable containers.
  • In order to optimize the wall distribution of the containers, we can also apply head extrusion equipment for the static deformation of the pin (SFDR kit) and the dynamic deformation of the die (PWDS).
  • The view stripe feature can be applied both for monolayer and co-extruded multilayer containers
  • For the production of pump and pressure vessels we can mount a bottom blow stand, with relative spreaders, and rotating blowpin system to form containers that require an inner thread.
  • Needle blow device (in case of welded handle on the container)
  • Container completely deflashed in machine, including deflashing of the handle slugs
  • Total quality control of the container as it exits the machine area, including leak testing and weight control
  • Manipulators for container handling and preparation to downstream packing Among the many features present on the Plastiblow machines we also have the patented regulation device for blowpin calibration; that can be carried out in complete safety from the operator panel while the machine is in running mode.

The latest Plastiblow machine supplied for this sector is the double station model PB30E-D COEX 3, with fully electric movements. It has recently been delivered to produce 20 lt stackable containers, in 3 layer configuration, for lubricating oil. The machine is equipped with 3 horizontally mounted extruders (100mm diameter size for the middle layer – PCR post consumer resin, and 2X70mm extruders for the inside and outside layers). A 4th vertically mounted extruder is used for the viewstripe application. It is also equipped with a double post cooling station.

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